26 Sep 2022 - Autostart for XCP-ng VMs

Virtual machines (VMs) on XCP-ng can be easily made to auto-start through the very friendly XCP-ng Center interface. This is great for building resilient services that restart themselves after for example a power failure. However, there is a flaw in XCP-ng Center where setting the VMs to autostart will not have the intended effect because the pool itself will not automatically be set to autostart.

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28 Dec 2021 - Flashing of OpenWrt onto a Wavlink WL-WN575A3 repeater

OpenWrt is a great project that provides highly-configurable firmwares that can be flashed onto many wireless networking devices almost independent of its original manufacturer. I use OpenWrt for its customisability and full control in designing the home wireless network architecture. Normally, it is easy to replace the OEM firmware with OpenWrt, but not so for this Wavlink repeater.

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6 Nov 2021 - Backing up of docker containers

The logs and settings of Docker containers ought to be backed up periodically, firstly to guard against data corruption, and secondly for audit purposes to trace any security incidents. In a Docker environment, this can easily be done by spinning up another parallel container just to do this, without any need to touch the first (main application) container at all.

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